The Pros And Cons Of Prison Rehabilitation

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Incarceration, sanctions and control, community programs, and treatment are the four main approaches to the punishment and rehabilitation of offenders. Prisons are designed to remove the offender from society, restricting civil freedoms, and limiting the individual’s capability to make liberated decisions (Schmalleger, 2014). Although incarceration is one of the most severe punishments, the other methods also implement similar traits to incarceration. Sanctions and community programs offer limitations to the offender creating a prison without incarceration. The offender may not be locked in a cell but they are subjected to strict guidelines offering a controlled rehabilitation process.
The severity of these methods are adjusted to accommodate
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National Congress of Penitentiary and Reformation discipline assembled a plan of action that would rehabilitate offenders (Tillotson, 2012). This was done with the intention of preserving the well-being of society after the release of an inmate. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the idea of rehabilitation was founded. The concept of rehabilitation accepted that crime is the conclusion of both psychological and societal variables that should be examined.
Correctional facilities should strive to remove those that have acted out as a result of their psychological conditions, if such conditions are exhibited by the offender. Rehabilitation should be structured for the needs of the offender, this insures the success of the individual. Because each individual’s behavior is attributed to varying circumstances, the concentration of treatment should be focused on the individual in addition to the crime (Tillotson, 2012).
Punishment is a method of reprimand, and forces the individual to accept their actions. It proves to offenders that there are consequences to their actions. Fines, incarceration, probation, parole, and rehabilitation are the most common forms of punishment in the justice system. Of all the forms of reprimand rehabilitation is vital to the acclimation and success of offenders. This form of treatment can be combined with other methods of punishment, and can be equally

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