Hamlet Inauthentic Language In Hamlet

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Communication is the basis for human life and maintaining healthy relationships. Language is how individuals are able to vocalize their intentions, feelings and ideas. Characters that are able to control their use of language and balance it with action are users of authentic action according to Paulo Freire. In the play, Hamlet, Claudius effectively takes action but doesn’t reflect at all and that causes him to be a victim of inauthentic language. Inauthentic language is action without reflection or reflection without action, both are needed to create a balance and achieve true praxis, according to Freire. Claudius uses his language to manipulate people through fear, uniting language and leading questions to guide people into doing what he …show more content…
According to Freire, “Significant human interaction requires dialogue, some shared interchange which involves commitment to shared action.” Basically, you can’t have effective communication without actually talking to others, so although Claudius used inauthentic language, he was closer to being able to achieve such since he talked to others quite significantly. Language is understood differently by each individual, many people have different responses to the situations presented before them. Quality communication is being able to utilize authentic communication, understand what others mean and respond appropriately. Claudius didn’t do this as many times he failed to think about what was going on and responded inappropriately creating problems for himself. Understanding dialogue in an educated manner is the beginning for changing the way we use it and hopefully respond to it in terms of authentic dialogue. Which according to Freire is being able to listen carefully, assess intelligently and act on the basis of some understanding established through dialogue. By grasping this, society is not far from taking a positive turn in relation to communication and the use of

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