Improving Verbal Communication Essay

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Improving Verbal Communication It is through communication that we build our relationships, and we all can always improve on our verbal communication skills. I have one person in particular in my life that I have difficulty communication with. It is my older brother, who has a serious addiction to alcohol. When he is drinking he calls me to pick arguments. I guess he must have depleted his list of who to call and be a pain in the neck to in our family that day. I am usually the last one he will call when he is in a drunken condition because he knows I won’t be any fun for him; I do not argue with him like most of our family members will do. Still I do have verbal communications with him, but that is only until he has had enough and …show more content…
He obviously has a lot to learn about how “you get more bees with honey than you do vinegar” as I tell him, but he continues to be an antagonist. One way to get him off the phone is to start talking about him getting into a program, or to talk about my grades or whatever paper I am working on. Clearly he does not care about the good things I am doing in my life if they mean he cannot manipulate me into feeding his addiction.
My Brother’s negative connotations sometimes act as triggers for me, and some of his words “create an immediate emotional reaction when I hear them” (Sole, 2011, p.4.1: How Words Work; Words Reflect Attitudes, para, 17). I am only human and some things he says can be most hurtful and unappreciative. I use to go over and clean his apartment for him and do his laundry each week, but I realized that by doing that for him when he is physically capable to do it for him own self was just another way of enabling him. My presence there did not deter him from drinking another 6 pack of beer while I was trying to be helpful and sisterly, and all he would do was put me down and try to antagonize me. I got my feelings hurt a lot, and finally decided to look at what I deserved not at my feelings of a sense of duty to my sibling. I deserved to be appreciated and respected and he did neither so I quit trying to help him. I simply decided that when he is ready to help his own self I

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