Improving The Health Of Populations Essay

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Improving the Health Of Populations
Population health management is the desire to keep the patient population as healthy as possible, minimizing the need for expensive emergency visits, hospitalizations, and procedures. Any serious attempt to improve the health of a population must address health care disparities and inherent patient characteristics related to preventable morbidity and premature mortality in this country. The lack of emphasis on the social determinants of health they relate to population health management is a major problem leading to the suboptimal performance of our healthcare system. Research by the Wisconsin Population Health Institute (2015) found that factors outside of traditional boundaries of health care delivery, including health behaviors (tobacco use, sexual activity) and social and economic factors (employment, education, and income) are associated with 80% of what affects health outcomes (Caitlin, Jovaag, & Van Dijk, 2015). In fact, in the coming decades, incidence rates of coronary heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers are projected to increase by millions of cases per year (Wang, Mcpherson, Marsh, Gortmaker, & Brown, 2011). These rate increases will have a profound effect on health disparities related to racial and ethnic differences as well as geographic location. To address this problem, healthcare systems are partnering with community-based organizations ranging from churches, nutrition support programs, and housing…

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