Improving Environmental Performance Is A Cost Effective Solution And Smaller Businesses

1176 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
As society evolves and consumers gain more knowledge about environmental concerns, there is the demand for businesses to adopt environmental practices to create competitive advantages. Improving environmental performance is a cost-effective solution and smaller businesses can create customer champions if done so correctly. In regards to a small business they do not have to abandon their established practices. Therefore, it is about making smart and rational choices that ultimately improve efficiency. This is eye opening to stakeholders as higher efficiency within a small business produces less waste, resulting in fewer costs, and giving the business the highest possible profit. That produces the best bottom line and benefits the business through reputation, finances, stakeholder involvement, and employee loyalty. Small businesses have the advantage over large businesses and corporations due to the relatively smaller size to communicate the message across, structures and levels of hierarchy, and the belief of continuous evaluation. Effective management is also critical. Which go accordingly with good measuring techniques. What emerges from a successful small business is shaped for the short and long term success. Small businesses are attractive if run productively, if results are compared to the past, and when relationships are developed with employees as well as stakeholders. Thus, due to more of a personalized approach and relationship building small businesses succeed more…

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