Improving Developing Nations Through Educating Girls Essay

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Hannah Paul
Christopher Varlack
English 100
4 November 2014
Improving Developing Nations through Educating Girls
While females are relegated worldwide, females in developing countries feel the effects of patriarchy more intensely than women in developed nations such as the United States. The proportionally high cost of education through tuition, school supplies, and low parental income in developing countries, such as India, Ethiopia and Pakistan, restricts the education of girls in impoverished families. If education is available, families in developing countries choose to give it to boys instead of girls. Since in many developing countries women hold subservient roles of mother, cook and housekeeper, many families believe it is a waste to educate girls because it will take them away from their culturally predestined roles as a future wife. Families see the cost of educating a girl as a burden when in reality it yields more benefits.
Investing in the education of girls makes a huge difference in the state of nations. Girls in developing countries face certain hardships that come along with their gender such as child marriages, violence and slavery. Through gaining an education, girls learn that they can become self-sufficient despite the patriarchal society they abide in. Through having an education, girls learn their rights and stand up for them. Additionally, educating girls allows improvements to occur within society and healthcare. Through educating girls in third…

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