Essay on Improving A Stigma By Implementing Community Policing

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When discussing changing a stigma by implementing community policing, one must ask what is community policing? Miller, Hess, and Orthmann (2014) states, it is a philosophy or orientation that emphasizes working proactively with citizens to reduce fear, solve crime-related problems, and prevent crime. Community policing is a positive change for the community and for law enforcement that serves the community. An important concept to always remember is that the police are the community, and the community are the police (Miller et al., 2014). To successfully integrate this into police departments, we must examine several factors that have made police departments what they are today, what are ways to implement this new form of policing without resistance from law enforcement and citizens, and how community policing can affect the community and the work of law enforcement in the long run.
A Brief look at Policing Policing throughout the Years. Policing has changed over time to become what it is today. There are three eras of policing, the political era (1840-1930), the reform era (1930-1980), and the community era (1980- present). During the political era, police officers had strong ties to the community because they lived in the communities they served and they focused on foot patrol (Miller et al., 2014). They knew who they served and protected because they were out with the same people every day. Police chiefs were appointed politically, and because of this they wanted to…

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