Essay on Improvement Of Korea Japan Relationship

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Improvement of Korea-Japan relationship: three negotiable fields

Japan is geographically one of the closest countries to South Korea, at the same time, historically the most uncomfortable country because of Japanese colonization in the early 1900s. In a point of the South Korean government, although Japan’s distortion of history made the relationship worse, it is necessary to maintain a close relationship between two countries in the rapidly changing situation of East Asian region. To make an advanced relationship, the student suggests two track approach and three priority negotiation fields-security, economy, and environment-to keep a close ties apart from the historical conflicts.

I. Current relations between Korea and Japan

The relationship between the Republic of Korea (Korea) and Japan has been developed from an early government leading period, the normalization of diplomatic relations in 1965, to now with various exchanges in a citizen level. In 2014, they were both the third largest country of the trade, and the total volume of trade between them was $86 billion. Over two million people of two countries visited each other, and it was the second largest country in both.
In 2015, however, Korea and Japan celebrated the 50th anniversary of the normalization at a time when the relationship between two countries was at the lowest point. The reason can be found in the absence of communication between leaders of two countries and the mutual appearance of extreme…

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