Importance of Health and Safety in Early Childhood Essay

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Importance of Health and safety in early childhood

When opening a centre one of the most important things is Health and Safety. Making sure that the children, families and teachers are in a safe and healthy environment is paramount. The centre should ensure that all teachers and management have the same expectations regarding health and safety, that’s why it is important that everyone reads the Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood and Care Centres 2008 which clearly states the high standard that everyone has to abide by. Three really important practices from the Licensing Criteria are “Providing a Safe Environment”, “Identifying and responding to childhood illness” and “Nutrition across the Early Years”.

As per the regulations of
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Some fun and interesting ways teachers can teach children about healthy eating and good nutrition is getting the children involved in setting up and growing a vegetable garden, allowing the children to help with the preparation of meals giving the teacher the opportunity to talk about the different foods and which ones are healthy choices to eat. As teachers we are constantly being observed

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