Why You Are Important To Me Essay

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Currently, I do not have any health risks or medical conditions that control the way I eat. Even though I do not have any physical medical conditions, working out and eating healthy are extremely important to me. For the past two years I have been completely dedicated to the gym. My whole family goes to the gym Monday through Saturday and we rest on Sundays. It is important to me for my entire family to be healthy as well as myself. As an addition to working out I am also training for a marathon. Training for a marathon takes a lot of dedication not only to running but to the way that I eat as well. It is very important for me to make sure I am getting enough protein, carbs, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. If I do not receive enough of the correct nutrients I could be …show more content…
My grandfather’s brother was diagnosed with throat cancer, and my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate and bone cancer. Both men were very young when they were diagnosed, and both brothers have died at a young age from cancer. Thankfully, this is not breast cancer, but still knowing cancer runs in the family is something I can try to prevent for myself in the future. I make sure to get regular check ups with my gynecologist and doctor in order to catch something sooner rather than later. Cancer is another reason I enjoy eating healthy, because the less sugars, processed foods, and junk I put into my body the more I can fight off any future health risks. Like I said earlier watching my father feed his cancer was one of the hardest things I had to watch. He was expecting the chemo to heal him rather than trying to help himself with his bad eating habits. I know eating healthy cannot cure cancer, but I am convinced it would have helped him to live a little longer. Watching him go through this has really taught me valuable lessons about eating healthy, and this is something I want to teach to my children as

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