Importance Of Value In Relation To Critical Thinking

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Midterm questions
1. Value in relation to critical thinking is defined as is defined as a standard of behavior of a person or his principles which make him judge the important things in life. Kindness is one of my core values which I have adopted since I was young as a result of interaction with kind people in my family and my society who taught me how to give in order to gain more.
2. The “halo effect” is one of the cognitive biases which affects our impression towards something or someone. The overall impression towards a person affects our personal feelings towards a person which makes a person judge the character of the person depending on his perception. The ‘halo effect’ has affected me in many decision-making
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Conflict in values in an argument is brought by difference in ideas which make up an argument and creating a good environment to solve the problems at hand can erase the conflict in values of an argument. Conflict in the values exposed in an argument can come up in a situation whereby the argument is senseless. Making an argument sensible and combining ideas which are sensible and related to the subject of discussion exposes the real meaning of an argument. Several people have different values and beliefs and therefore a conflict in ideas make up an argument depending on the character of the person. A solution-minded approach in an argument can be effective in bringing all the ideas to a sensible conclusion which is accepted by both parties in an argument (Cottrell). According to Wallace, the difference in feelings, behaviors, the choices which we make and lifestyle can be brought to harmony by believing in the mind. The conflict of ideas can be solved by the love of water which the writer says brings everything together to make a sensible …show more content…
Statistics are deceptive because they can make an overall judgment about a person. The statistics never speak for themselves but according to how they are interpreted. The people know how good the statistics are after they are analyzed. The same applies to arguments which show that statistics are deceptive if they are not analyzed well. Nichol shows that he is not a slave of statistics because the statistics can be misleading. He celebrates the spiritual connection of water instead of relying on science and the western mindset (Wallace). "We 've so glamorized 'science ' and what 's seen as the 'western ' mindset that the idea of sitting still in hope of transcendence seems comical, its practitioners worth

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