Importance Of Tokenism In Science

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Including Indigenous content in the subject of science can seem like a complicated task for teachers and there is sometimes the question of how to avoid tokenism in the teachings because as teachers we do not want to include Indigenous content in a way that is lacking in awareness of actual Indigenous knowledges in science. A good start to not making Indigenous knowledges not seem like tokenism when teaching it is to look at the two sciences and to not to treat them like they are binaries. (Metallic, pg.116) Looking at the sciences in binaries is not helpful to students or teachers because it causes students and teachers to feel that they have to choose between the sciences instead of embracing both. (pg.117) An approach to teaching science should acknowledge the idea that there many world views of science and if there are many worlds views of …show more content…
116) We as teachers need to know that no one view of science is more valuable than another and that Western science and Indigenous knowledge both have academic purposes. (pg. 118) Another way to teach Indigenous knowledges in a way that does not seem like tokenism found in the article titled “Animating Indigenous Knowledges in Science Education” by Janine Metallic and Gale Seiler involves the idea of what a classroom looks like when Indigenous knowledges are implemented in a proper way and education become decolonized. The first is bringing in real life experiences and using one’s own experiences to teach. This is hard when many of the teachers in this province are not indigenous so to bring in real life experiences, teachers can use what they know of real cultural knowledges of Indigenous people, such as a talking circle and teaching to respect elders as Indigenous people are taught to do. (pg.121- 122) The talking circles can be used for students to share their own cultural experiences in Indigenous sciences and when students do that it helps the students to look at science through multiple perspectives. (pg.

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