Importance Of The Executive Branch Of Government

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The Executive Branch of government has the responsibility of enforcing laws. The Executive Branch has quite a few checks and balances over the Legislative Branch of government. The Executive Branch has the power to discard any bills, even if the Legislative Branch wanted the bill to pass. The Executive Branch also has the power and control to call any important or special Congress meetings. The Executive Branch can suggest any legislation and can attract people about legislation and other things. With matters concerning the Judicial Branch of government, the Executive Branch, and mainly the President, has the power to hand pick any Supreme Court Judges or any other judges in the federal government.
As the Head of State, the President has many powers and duties. The President takes care of, and takes full responsibility for the enforcement and directness of any laws that are set forth by
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The President is the one who picks these members, but the Senate must confirm them. Rejections made by the Senate are very rare, there have only been twelve rejections since this system began. Many things play into who the President chooses to be in his Cabinet, but one of the top priorities is the party. The different Cabinet members are each the head of a different Executive Department and they are also the advisors to the President, along with the Chief of Staff.
The Judicial Branch of the government has both the power to interpret laws and to settle issues that might arise. The Judicial Branch can check the Executive Branch by declaring executive actions to be unconstitutional in court because they have the power of Judicial Review. Also, the Executive Branch of Government cannot control Judges once they are appointed for life. The Judicial Branch checks the Legislative Branch and the acts of that branch through court and can judge the acts of that branch to be unconstitutional as

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