Art Deco

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Part One: What style speaks to you the most and why? List designers and examples of works to justify your response. The style that speaks the most to me is Modernism. I like the modern architecture because it is a reflection of the great technical innovations that began to appear in the nineteenth century. Materials such as steel and concrete give architects unreleased possibilities of creation, which makes the style completely unlike anything have seen. What best characterizes and makes me like modern architecture is the utilization of simples shapes, geometrical forms, and the lacking of ornamentation. This style values the use of materialism its essence, for example the exposed concrete. The differences presented in this style vary almost …show more content…
This style influenced the decorative arts, architecture, interior design, and industrial design as well as the visual arts, fashion, painting, graphic arts, and cinema. It was a mixture of many styles and movements such as constructivism, cubism, bauhaus, art nouveau, and modernism. Although many movements had established roots in architecture, the Art Deco was purely decorative. It was seen as elegant, functional, and ultra modern. The buildings, sculptures, and furniture are geometrical. Unlike Art Nouveau, Art Deco has more simplicity in its style. This period represents the transition between the architecture produced by Art Nouveau, eclecticism, and modernism. This style is marked by geometrical rigor, and predominance of vertical lines. It also, highlights the use of reinforced concrete, the sculptures in the shape of animals, and the use of pink shades. Besides that, we can highlight the use of plastics a structural element. It is important to note that the modernism was also present in this style. The desired the ideological, social, and political movement with different forms of expression, but I think the Art Deco sought for more formal side of architecture using geometric precision. This style can be summed up in sobriety and …show more content…
Also, the decorator Paul Follow, Jean Puiforcat, Edgar Brandt, Rene Lalique, and Charles Dufresne. William Van Alen, who did The New York’s Chrysler Building, Donald Deskey, who did The Radio City Music Hall, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann, who was considered the most important furniture designer.

4. What were some of the characteristics of American modern architecture and interior design particularly of the first half of the 20th century? Be sure to provide examples of designers and their works. You may base you answer in part on the documentary “Visual Acoustics” that we saw in class. The Modern American style emphasizes the surface textures, ornamentation reduced to abstract forms without any reference from the past. Some principles of the styles are: the volume predominance over the dough, spaces defined by very light planes, regularly supersedes symmetry, use of sumptuous materials, technical perfection rather than ornamentation, floor plan flexibility, and a lot of concern in

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