Importance Of Technological Development In Everyday Life

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Technological development closely related to people daily life. Due to science and technology bring the convenience to people’s lives, enrich people daily life and immerses into people daily life deeply, people’s living standard has increased dramatically. If there weren 't technological innovation, society wouldn 't get advanced. Firstly, take people’s clothing, for example, people used to wear clothes which are out of fashion and monotonous; however, right now people can dress up themselves by different kinds of clothes such as maxis skirt, kilt, sweater and so on. And the material and color are more abundant and diversified. Secondly, for foods which are fundamentals need for human beings, in the past, people can only eat those foods which are produced domestically or those foods which are in season. …show more content…
Thirdly, in the old days, people lived in the cottage; whereas, skyscrapers were raised up in the cities and people live in different houses right now. Last but not least, people used to go out only by walk but now people have a bicycle, car, train and they also can take a subway, light rail, magnetic levitation trains for a commute. These transportations save people a lot of travel time so that people’s time has been effectively utilized. And people can travel farther without being limited by distance. All in all, science and technology have been changing people’s lives and have been making society richer and better. Technology not only changed people clothes, food, houses, transportation, but also improve the development of communication technology, innovative medical technology and change the manufacture. Technology makes people’s daily live more convenient, fast, and

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