Importance Of Student Cleaning School

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Idea of Students Cleaning their School
“The role of schooling was to equip individuals with the skills necessary to participate in the social life of their community and to change the nature of the social order as needed or desired.” - George Count, American educational philosopher. Schools should be the component that prepare the students to enter the community, while students cleaning their school should be a major role in achieving that goal. This proposal shall teach all the students of what it will be like to be an adult and the responsibility that comes with it. In order to do so, action must be taken and there will be perseverance to fight for the goal, student cleaning is the method to do so. Schools that adapted to this idea have not
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Teaching children to pick up trash and clean their classrooms at school will teach them to develop a friendlier spirit, not only in school but also in other aspects of their lives as well. For example in Japan it is an obligation for children to clean up after themselves since kindergarden. The practice starts with just dusting and wiping the tables when they’re young but as they grow older their responsibilities gradually increases, they will be required to furniture moving,mopping the floors, and cleaning the hallways. This practice helps the students to the basis of responsibility teaching them pay respect to what they’re granted, as this will grow into maturity, the students will understand that the meaning of life and gradually learn to respect out of love. This love for the world comes out as respect and treating everything as something meaningful, this is the goal and fundamental of the Japanese education …show more content…
The group cleaning also creates an equalizing sense of purpose and community among those who participate. The purpose of the students to clean up the school is for them to learn and understand their civic responsibility. As the students enjoy their school life and their time in the classrooms, they should also respect it. The students can express their gratitude by taking care of it as if it’s their own home and clean it. In the process of students cleaning their classrooms they may realize that the classroom and society have so much in common; both are contributing to your life and also what’s going to be there for your future. Thus, in return of students cleaning their classrooms they’re learning about being part of society and being responsible for it. While this may not seem to be much to begin with but there are a lot of hidden meaning and benefits from doing so, the students will graduate when their time comes and enter into society with all that they learned from cleaning up their

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