The Importance Of Stigma In Today's Society

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For the purpose of this assignment I have chosen to speak about ‘stigma’ as I feel it is very relevant in the world today. In this essay I will discuss three topics which I feel are highly stigmatized. I will discuss why there is a huge stigma around these topics and what can be done to prevent such discrimination occurring. The three topics I will discuss are Mental Health Issues, Homelessness and Homosexuality. The World Health Organisation defines stigma as “a mark of shame, disgrace or disapproval which results in an individual being shunned or rejected by others” (The World Health Organisation, 2017). Stigma is widely associated with people suffering with mental health issues. This is due to the fact that society has stereotyped views …show more content…
People have many view on homeless people and how they are perceived. These days, homelessness is a massive problem in Ireland’s society. Every town or city you enter there are many homeless people scattered across it. The stigma is attached to when people lose a home. This causes people to not want to protest against homelessness due to the stigma attached. They fear being judged by those of better class compared to them. People look down on homeless people. They call them things such as wasters etc. These days it doesn’t matter what type of a job you have housing in Ireland is very expensive especially in the bigger cities where homelessness is more evident which is clearly a problem. People cannot afford to pay the rent and are therefore put out onto the streets. They aren’t given a proper chance. If renting or buying accommodation wasn’t so expensive we wouldn’t have such a big problem. It is evident that there is a stigma around homelessness because in a recent article from a lady stated that “There’d definitely a stigma attached to it. I was embarrassed to come out and say I was in that situation” (Bohan, 2017). For this reason, it will be hard to emit the stigma which comes with homelessness as people are too afraid of being judged to come out and tell their stories, making homelessness a hidden problem. In order to get rid of the stigma with regards to homelessness people in the community would need to be made aware of the causes and problems associated with homelessness in order for them to be able to adapt to the consequences and what we all need to do to help this social problem. People who are homeless are often blamed for their situation. They are stigmatized by their own communities. When an experiment was carried out to see who would be more stigmatized, a poor man compared to a homeless man it was founded that “the homeless man was blamed no less than the poor man and is stigmatized

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