Importance Of Stigma In Society

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Stigma towards an individual with mental illness still exist. Even with the increase number of dramas or movies that includes mental illness individual roles. They were shown that they are suffers differently. They also shows many ways of helping the affected individual as to encourage the society to have the right mindset against them. Thus, helping the society to know how to react against the situation if it occurs. Even so, the mindset of the society against stigma still persist.

Health Policy Project (2011), mentioned that stigma is powerful social process which devalue an individual. Discrimination follows stigma as it is the unfair treatment of an individual based on the social identified status. They are the formidable barriers to
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However, we may not have the time to sit and listen to them due to our busy routine. Without realising, not attending to them causes them to suffer self-stigma. Where, mental illness patients will feel shameful, socially excluded and low self-esteem. Thus, it will delay the progression of their treatments outcomes.

As healthcare provider, they have to be willing to understand better upon attending to affected individuals. It depends on them whether to get affected by what the society thinks and discriminate. Some are willing to ignore what the society thinks and nurse the affected individual. They are even willing to explain to others as to ensure they understand better about mental illnesses and managing them. However, they are some who are affected by the society and reluctant to nurse the affected individuals.

In an article written by Linette Lai (2015), nine out ten individuals who suffered mental illness can get better if they want to. When their self-esteem is high, they are more willing to follow-up with the treatment. Those who refuses treatment is due to the stigmatising attitudes from others towards them therefore, they avoid seeing the doctor as they are fear of being diagnosed and labelled as mentally ill. Self-stigma have to be reduced by tackling the public
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An inaccurate group protest and hostile representative of mental illness is one of the way to challenge the existing stigma. By telling the media to stop reporting against inaccurate ideas of mental illness and tell the public to stop believing the negative view of mental illness. Education will help the society to learn better and understand the behavioural changes of the affected individual. Thereafter, contact will be done by bringing the society close to the affected individual to talk and understand them

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