Importance Of Self Discipline

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We already know that self discipline is important, but do we really need it?

We know about success tools, and we familiarize ourselves with many useful resources that lead us to success, so why do we need self discipline?

We all have goals for many areas of our lives. Some of us want successful relationships, some like to get more money, others want simply happiness in their lives and others seek better health with less weight. These are common goals, and we sometimes fail or succeed in achieving them. The general question is: Why we don't achieve those goals? Why we don't become successful in these goals?

The general answer is: Lack of self discipline.

Success needs time. It does not happen at once. What you do today will determine the results in your future. If you change your present, you change your future. If you eat a lot
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Actually, many experts believe that it is impossible to reach success without it. According to Lou Holtz "Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period." Research shows that entrepreneurs must have it in order to succeed in business. According Jerry Osteryoung, who had worked with 3000 leaders, he noticed that what is common among the successful ones among them, is not their education or intelligence or training, but it is their high self discipline. For students, studies show that high school performance is linked to high self discipline rather than to high IQ level. I had met a 21 year old student who finished high school with straight A's. He went to medical school, only for one year and dropped out. He did not complete his study. He also refused any coaching or advices. His IQ level was extraordinarily high at 154. Certainly with his high intelligence, he did not need any coaching for how to study. But he definitely needed coaching for why to study. He simply did not want to study, and he did not complete his studies in spite of his intelligence. He lacked any self discipline for

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