Secrecy Themes In The Gospel Of Jesus

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In the Gospel of Mark Jesus constantly wanted his identity kept a secret. There was a time in Mark when Jesus was around gentiles when he let his identity be revealed. The secrecy themes in Mark was present because the Author wanted to illustrate how humble Jesus was, display his relationship to God as his son and the importance of the timing of his crucifixion for the world salvation. After the miracles and healings were performed Jesus knew that it would draw attention to the masses. The attention that Mark wanted the readers to focus on was not the great works Jesus was able to provide however his mission to bring salvation as the messiah everyone had been waiting for. Along with Jesus having his abilities because of God Jesus was never presented in the Gospels as wanting to take credit for the miracles and healings. The scriptures always make sure to note that he is sent to bring the good news as Gods son. “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God”1792. Immediately in Mark Chapter 1 …show more content…
Every miracle and healing Jesus fulfilled put him at risk of being exposed faster than he would have planned. He wanted to minister to the people in order to prepare them for what was to come. He wanted to establish faith among the people so that they would follow God law in order to inherit the kingdom of God. Ultimately Jesus knew that he would be betrayed by those close to him and not recognized as the Son of man by the authorities at the time. The mission of Christ went against Jewish tradition and Roman Law. “A further area of concern for Jesus and the Pharisees emerges in 7:1-23, were the religious leaders show concern for Jesus disregard for their oral traditions”(Kulger/Hartin pg.369). In a contemporary setting if someone publicly goes against the tradition of the masses and the law there are consequences for the

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