Importance Of Rock And Minerals

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Register to read the introduction… BuildingsAlthough wood, straw and mud is used for houses in some parts of the word, most cities today are built of stones and metal (minerals).Many rock & minerals are used to make buildings. Concrete, steel, glass and wallboard are all common in modern buildings.Granite is used to decorate the outsides of buildings as well as tiles for floors and counters. It is a hard stone that resists wear and weathering.Marble is used for interior walls and floors where there is less traffic (such as bathrooms) because it is soft.Many buildings built out of stone over 2000 years ago can still be seen in places where ancient civilizations existed like Rome, Greece, Peru and Central America.Roads & Bridges -A lot of crushed stone and concrete is used in the building of roads, highways, tunnels, bridges, airports and parking lots.2. Machines & Tools-Many machines an tools are made of metals.Cars, planes and boats use many different kinds of minerals.The process for making metals also involves any other minerals in the smelting and refining process.3. Artifacts -Many things that we use every day such as pens, filing cabinets, computers, coat hangers, cooking pots are made of minerals.Pop cans and cars use a lot of metal. That is why they should be recycled once we no longer need

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