Rock Of Ages Analysis

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For this assignment I chose to watch the musical movie Rock of Ages. This movie is high energy and has fun and frisky choreography. With professional dancer Julianne Hough as our leading lady in the film it is tough not to get caught up in how the movement tells the story. After watching it I did realize there were several moments where they stopped dancing and that seemed to work for the story as well.

From the start we get the urge to move with the opening song Paradise City. This number is sung by Tom Cruise and gives you a sense of what vibe the show is going for right from the start. There is no movement in this number, but it prepares you for what is to come. The next number Sister Christian/Just like Living in Paradise has dance
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They are starting to really fall for eachother and so in true 1980’s style they perform Waiting for a Girl (Boy) Like You. If you know the Foreigner version of this song one may think there would be no dancing in this scene. Rock of Ages surprised me by making a short dance sequence in the middle of the numer. Drew, our lover boy played by Diego Boneta daydreams about Hough’s character Sherri. She begins to dance on the top of the Hollywood sign. She is dressed in lingerie and begins with sharp, yet flowing movement. The most impressive part of this sequence is her flexibility. It is not that she does extreme movement, but the way the she moves to quickly and smoothly on the …show more content…
This is a much needed break because after that song there is dancing in every number. Rock You Like a Hurricane is a number between Stacee Jaxx and Sherri. This scene is where Sherri dances for Stacee after becoming a stripper. This is ironic because Drew and Stacee broke up because he thought there was something happening between her and Stacee. This dance has a lot of pole dancing partnered with many turns and falling movements. Sherri dances around the room and on the furniture in hard hitting and intense movement. Stacee Jaxx follows her around and then eventually catches up with her. She wraps her legs around him and this seductive number is

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