Religious Tension Research Paper

Being religious is a choice; it is a lifestyle. In a way, being religious is also having freedom. You have the freedom to pray to whoever you want, worship and be a part of any religion. Religion is freedom and everybody is entitled to their own beliefs. Today, we have many different cultures, societies and religions spreading around the world. However, there are still certain issues especially regarding religion and it seems to be getting out of hand. One religion is against another, which causes external wars between countries or even internal wars amongst themselves. Therefore, religious tension should not be an issue to every country as it violates one’s fundamental liberty of practising any religion or belief, all religion asserts equality, …show more content…
Every religion promotes moral principles and values that can eradicate greed, hatred and delusion that cause various conflicts and wars resulting in physical outbursts of violence culminating in global warfare. Some might say that religion is the main cause of wars and that without faith, there would have been no 9/11 attacks, Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, violent disputes over words in holy texts – even no Islamic State. However, according to UNESCO’s constitution, “Since wars begin in the mind of men, it is in the mind of men that the defences of peace must be constructed”. Every religion asserts their followers to reduce their selfishness, give up their racial arrogance, eliminate their madness for worldly power and disarm the mind from all kinds of defilements. It comes and starts in the madness of so-called religionist who is lacking of proper instructions and guidance which led to religious persecutions, inquisitions and “holy wars”. It also asserts that the difference in religious beliefs and practices should not hinder the progress for world peace. They believe that they can attract people who profess other religions to convert to their religion, but the truth is, they are wrong. There is no research found that parties who started a war had increased their followers. To show that a religion is true is not through war but through attitude. Portraying good examples of behaviour and attitude, in fact, can change one’s perspectives and opinions about that particular religion rather than igniting wars between religions. For instance, in Islam, it asserts that it is prohibited to attack children; the elderly, women and that you can only attack the enemy, if and only if, the enemy attacks you. That is one of the ways of proving that your religion is, perhaps, better than other religions, by conducting and

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