Importance Of Religion In The World

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Religion is universal, we as people are different in so many ways but when it comes to religion we share some of the same values. Whether we believe in Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism or even polytheism religion is our universal language, it is where we as people and worship our higher power. In society the value of religion is responsible for upholding human morals, giving us faith and guiding our actions. Without religion the world would be a hectic place and it would be every man for them. Their will b e no sensed of self or no regard for other humans according to Nietzsche. The great St. Augustine once said “ I do not seek to understand in order that I may believe but I believe in order to understand.” Religion is valuable because it gives us a sense of understanding of the world. The world is so complex and amazing that there has to be a higher power above us, creating and watching us as we stride through life. Religion is the glue that holds this world together and without it the world would be a hectic place. Religion has done a good job in upholding our morals. …show more content…
Humes believed the cause and effect factor and that there has to be a first cause and many would assume that the first cause is God. How can we prove that there is a God, many have tried but yet no one has 100 percent accomplished the goal. Hume believed that God was created out of fear old the lower class in the old times. When the lower class were being abused they needed something to look forward to when their death came so they created God. God who is overlooking the world and those who live righteously will be rewarded with heavens and those who do not will perish in hell. With the creation of God if gave them a sense of relief, with God their abuser would not be able to go to heaven because of their behavior on earth. Humes put up a good argument and gave people something to think

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