Informative Essay: Does Religion Help Better Our Lives?

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Does religion help better our lives? Religion is a set of shared beliefs and practices among human beings. It is the human response to comprehend elements in our life and our environment. For certain individuals, religion causes a family to build a strong moral foundation for their children. Sometimes, religion is used as a form of guidance to help interpret what is right from wrong based on society’s customs. It significantly makes a better family and creates well-rounded individuals for society. There are certain individuals who live their lives so intensely by the word of God, which results in their future generations to do precisely the same creating a never-ending cycle. Although, just because someone goes to church continuously, it does …show more content…
The Divine Command Theory suggests that morally right is permitted by God and morally wrong is forbidden by God. This theory gives us objective principles for morality based on the commandments of God and motivates us to obey them. As Rachel states,” First, we might mean that right conduct is right because God commands it. For example, according to Exodus 20:16, God commands us to be truthful. On this option, the reason we should be truthful is simply that God requires it. Apart from the divine command, truth telling is neither good nor bad. It is God’s command that makes truthfulness right”(Rachels. 51), which means that truthfulness only became right after God commanded it but it was neither right nor wrong before he commanded it. What is right and what is wrong does not have to be understood under the terms of God’s will. For example, killing another human being is considered to be morally wrong. The Catholic Church formed The Crusades to protect Catholicism, but then caused bloodshed in the name of religion. In our modern day wars, we kill people because they kill people and consider it to be just. From both perspectives, both of these situations seemed morally right to people at the time but it is considered immoral. It is common for people to believe that morality can only be understood in the context of …show more content…
For some individuals, religion is all what keeps them going on a daily basis despite all the hardships they face in life. In their hearts, they believe that a higher deity is responsible for every obstacle that life throws at them and that their fate is already written in stone. Religious implications illustrate how morals are only from religion, therefore whatever God says what is right and what is wrong is indeed so because God knows exactly what morals we should follow in order to be happy. To be moral simply means to do what is right; however, doing what is right is easier said than done. Every individual has a different perspective of what they believe morality is whether they are religious or non-religious. On the surface, religion may appear to be a simple idea but in reality it is a very complex system of ideas in which we base our lives

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