Importance Of Rail Road Crossing Essay

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There are many important things to remember about driving, walking, or riding your bike over a cross walk. First you need to remember when you drive across tracks, if no lights are flashing you need to turn your radio down, listen, and look both ways before you cross the tracks. If the lights are flashing you need to come to a complete stop and wait for the train to cross. If the lights are flashing and there is no train in sight for at least a mile in both directions then you can continue, and cross the tracks. Next, If you and your buddies are riding your bike, scooter, skateboard, or any gadget you need to get off of it look both ways before you cross then walk your ride over. The reason you cannot ride it over is because if you un into someone when cross the …show more content…
It doesn't matter how big of a hurry you are in you must not cross. You also need to pay much attention to where there is a rail road crossing sign is. This will warn you that there is tracks coming up and you need to pay attention. When trains approach to where they cross an intersection they will sound their horn so you need to be paying attention to that. You must NEVER stop in a rail road crossing. If you stop in a crossing you must move, a train could be coming any minute and it will kill you. Also if you need to go to the other side of the trains and they are both stopped you must not cross in between them. Your clothes could get caught and the train could start accelerating. You would be dragged and possibly killed and no one could possibly notice. Also, while waiting for a train to arrive you must not have anything hanging over the yellow line. If something is in the yellow like it could possibly be hit by the train. So just to be safe while waiting for a train stand at least a foot away from the yellow to avoid any accidents.Each year on average, about 400 people are killed in European and about 300 citizens in the United States of

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