Importance Of Quantum Science

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Actually Useful: Quantum Sciences
Since the beginning of documented history, humans have misjudged things as either harmful, stupid, or useless. Although quantum sciences are hard to understand, they are not stupid or useless. Quantum studies also lead to the betterment of society and the advancement of human life. Quantum sciences are neither useless nor wasteful theories; they affect us in many different ways like in technology, manufactured goods, and, surprisingly enough, exist in our bodies as well as in other organisms.
Over the years, men like Pavlov and Skinner provided ways to understand behavior through psychology yet some things were still mysterious to them; therefore who would guess to visit an expert in quantum mechanics. We have been able to ascertain information on multiple
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The anti-research mindset has been in existence for millennia, but without the large spending and the theoretical minded people, half of the innovations that we know as commodities would all be fictitious like teleportation of people. Without people like Galileo or Nicolaus Copernicus, we, civilization, may very well still believe that humans are the center of the universe. Without Newton and his theoretical thought, we would have no real understanding of gravity, weight, and forces that are now taught in basic physics. Without forward thinking, Newton would not have made calculus nor would Einstein have created the atomic bomb. Einstein also would not have wrote the theory of relativity nor come up the equation E=mc². In all, without the funding they had or the theories and lack of proof, modern life would be barren and we would have no need to worry about the current intangibility of quantum science. We would still wonder why things fall when we drop

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