Bleeding During Pregnancy Complications

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What are the common pregnancy complications

Your body needs a great deal to do during pregnancy. The changes taking place in your body during this time may sometime cause irritation or discomfort and at times they may seem alarming. Sometime common complications lead to complex problems due to negligence or ignorance and can affect both mother and the fetus. This article aims to update you about the complication you might experience during this time.

Some common complications

Below is a list of some common discomforts that many women face at various stages of their pregnancy.

• Tendency of vomiting and severe nausea
Nausea is a common symptom during pregnancy. But, severe nausea is a cause of concern. There is high chance of you becoming dehydrated if you can not eat or drink anything and this can harm your baby. If severe nausea is experienced by you, you should immediately consult your doctor.

• Bleeding
Bleeding during pregnancy is serious. It needs immediate attention. It can be the sign of various
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Parts of your food is digested into sugar called glucose which is your body’s main source of energy. After digestion, this glucose by moving into your blood gives your body energy. A hormone is produced by your pancreas called insulin which helps to get the glucose out of your blood and into your body’s cell, but gestational diabetes is marked by hormonal changes during pregnancy which cause the body either not to use insulin properly or not preparing enough insulin. Which Leads to the building up of glucose in your blood causing diabetes. High glucose level in your blood can cause serious heart problems over time, such as heart disease, kidney disease, vision problem. It is recommended to follow a treatment plan outlined by a health care professional, this can reduce or prevent problems that has been associated with high blood sugar during

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