Importance Of Offer Something Of Value

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Step 5: Offer Something Of Value

This is a natural trick that kids use. They will offer to share their paint or show another kid how to do something, and it is a great tactic to make someone like you. Everyone wants to get something of value, and when they get it from someone else, a level of trust is built between them and that person, which is important for any relationship, especially a friendship.

Therefore, anytime you see an opportunity to offer something, take it. It could be as simple as a pen or it could be as big as a ride. Nothings too small. If they need something, whatever they receive to fill that need is valuable.

Step 6: Strike Up A Conversation

Kids don 't have much of a filter, so they will instantly start talking
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And they both run to their parents hoping that they will say 'yes ' so that they can actually follow through with the plans they made. Kids are much more open to saying yes than adults are.

If you want to get to know someone more, you have to agree to get together with them or do things that may be out of your comfort zone. This may be something like going out for coffee with them, which isn 't really that bad, or going to a party with them, which may be a little more intimidating. If you met online it will probably feel really uncomfortable to meet up somewhere. But, if you want to develop a friendship-like bond, then saying yes will help you do
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They don 't get upset if their new friend wants to go hang out with someone else because they have a million other things to do. But, some kids take it really personally, and these are the kids that often don 't have a lot of friends because without a filter, they cry, scream, and stomp their feet at the very notion of their new friend not wanting to hang out with them.

Starting a friendship is all about having fun and getting to know each other, and if you get too serious in the start of your friendship, then you are going to scare the other person away. I would hope that you wouldn 't cry, scream, or stomp your feet, but even giving little unhappy remarks or rolling your eyes can send the message loud and clear that you are not the kind of person that will make a good friend because you are way too needy.

Step 10: Be Honest

Kids are quite honest with their good friends, and their friends either have to like them or not. Kids feel the need to be themselves at all costs, and despite their differences, they usually end up staying friends and accepting each other for who they

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