Achieving Motherhood Roles

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The term, ‘Mother’ is defined as “a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth” (Refrence). However, when is that exact moment that a women finally begins to see herself as a mother? Is it when she first finds out that she is pregnant; when she feels the first kick; or when she first holds the beautiful newborn she has dreamt so much about? In speaking with many mothers, both within my own family, as well as on the postpartum unit, I have come to the conclusion that there are many different variables and steps for each woman to finally attain the motherhood role. These steps may include, finding out she is pregnant, feeling a kick or hearing a heartbeat during the pregnancy or prenatal visits, as well as finally holding …show more content…
That first kick specifically, or ‘quickening’, when you feel the first flutters of movement, is, as I would describe, the most magical moments that you can feel during pregnancy. While the mother may have had an early ultrasound, or heard the heartbeat as early as twelve, or thirteen weeks, the first kick is when she finally feels as though there is something - a baby - living in there. It begins to feel as though all of that sickness, all of the fear and concern she had; it’s all for something real. She often begins to truly worry about the wellbeing of the baby as her bump begins to show, dreaming of when the baby will finally make it’s entrance; when she begins to feel like a mother. It also begins to be the time that her partner can begin to feel the movements of the baby from the outside of her belly, or to hear the heartbeat and realise that he, too, is going to be a father. This prenatal partner support is also a very important aspect in maternal role attainment. According to Perceived partner support in pregnancy predicts lower maternal and infant distress, in having a supportive, and even excited partner both during the pregnancy as well as after, the mother’s views as well as maternal stress during pregnancy are greatly reduced (Stapleton & Schetter, et al. 2012). Having less stress and …show more content…
While some aspects of mothering, such as taking care of baby’s needs before your own come into play the moment you find out you’re pregnant, or it finally feels real and alive when you feel the first kick or hear the first heartbeat; I believe the first time that a mother truly becomes and accepts that she is responsible for this infant, is when she holds that baby for the very first time. Prior to that, it may feel real, but unbelievable. It is our job as nurses to help the mother achieve this role, and feel comfortable in her new status as a

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