Importance Of Money In Politics

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Money in Politics CBA
Our nation is becoming more and more politically divided every day. The political parties are polarized; the congress is in gridlock and people are questioning the efficiency of the government. The approval rating of the congress is now around 10%, one of the lowest in history and the majority of the nation believes that no significant legislation has been pass in last few years to impact their lives positively. The liberals and the conservatives hardly agrees on anything, from the tax rates to the immigration, but one issue that majority of the nation agrees on is that the influence of money is too much in politics. According to a poll conducted by the New York Times in 2015, 84% of the respondents express the concern
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In Buckley v. Valeo, the Supreme Court struck down several provision of limits on spending in campaigns, but unheld the limitation of size of individual contributions. In 2012, Citizens United vs FEC, the Supreme Court again struck down any regulations against independent political expenditures. The principle that the Supreme Court followed in both of these cases were that money is a form of free speech and restriction of it is against the First Amendment of the Constitution, but the money is not free speech, but a way to amplify speech. An individual does not have right to spend money in any way possible. Restriction of money to corrupt elections are not any way more unconstitutional than restriction of money to be used to buy illegal drugs. In Buckley v. Valeo court case, the Supreme court assumed that each money spend is a “quantity of speech”, but money itself do not contain is speech or message, a message is can be reached to more people by spending money. Limiting the spending of money does not violate any speech. The spread of money in politics is clearly against the public interest and causes damages to the democracy of the nation. The government has a compelling interest to insure that equal participation of citizens in elections and the unlimited spending in elections creates an inequality of participation and the government should take steps to prevent

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