Importance Of Math Skills And The Different Types And Reasons That Math

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AH1200 Course Final
Jamee` Hall
Charter College Abstract The importance of math skills and the different types and reasons that math would be used on a daily basis are what I’ll be covering within my paper. Math is essential for healthcare professionals in many ways from vital signs, to the growth or lack of growth of patients. Recording and maintaining medical record information such as the vital signs, medications, payments etc., is a huge part of math in healthcare. Without truly understanding basic math skills healthcare workers will not be able to accurately convert medications and cause errors. Knowing and understanding how to covert fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions etc. are all skills that also tie into the accounting and business aspect of healthcare which all require math skills, and help in maintaining accounts, appointments, filing, bills, payments, and receipts.
AH1200 Course Final

Math is a skill that will be used on a daily basis and is essential for healthcare professionals in many ways. Healthcare professionals need to use math to perform vital signs in order to calculate the patients pulse and respirations correctly. Knowing how to do basic math like addition and subtraction, and how to tell time are crucial skills in the medical field. Patients may also gain or lose weight, could still be growing, have unexplained drastic changes in their blood pressure (BP) readings, or (for women) their menstruation cycle…

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