Importance Of Liberalism And Realism In The Globalized World

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Realism and Liberalism in a Globalized World:
The study of International Relations revolves around the “decisions that are made within a country that have implications for relationships outside the borders of that country” (Kaufman, Page 2). In the current globalized world, countries are interdependent entities that must exist and interact with one another. The manner in which countries choose to engage with another, such as aggressively or civilly, can be predicted and analyzed through various international political theories. In the field of International Politics, theory “exists to provide the framework that can help guide our understanding of various events that occur within this complex system,” (Kaufman, Page 30).
Realism centers on the
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As Kaufman explains: “All states will benefit from the flourishing of free markets and open exchange of ideas,” (Kaufman, Page 53). Access to free trade creates the opportunity for more nation-states to become independent actors within the world, while still being a part of the global economic system. Following the concept of independent and democratic freedom, liberalism also stresses the importance of the common good of the population, political participation, private property, and equal opportunities for all citizens of the …show more content…
International Organizations, such as the United Nations, when utilized correctly and efficiently, allow countries to interact with one another and can lead to peaceful resolutions and conversations. Realists, on the other hand, see the international system as anarchical, and cannot be made more peaceful without exertion of power. The large discrepancy in regard for international organizations reflects the realist notion of self-interest and desire for competition in the global system. Liberalism strives towards mutually beneficial exchanges between countries, peace, and the spread of democratic institutions across the

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