Importance Of Landscape Design

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When I was a kid, I often observed the beauty and features of the gardens, rockeries, pavilions, the high buildings and large mansions with various shapes, the patterns composed of different flowers and grass, the winding path, the broad roads, as well as the grand bridges. At that time, I viewed designers as the most mysterious and respectful people of the world. As I grew older, my father, who is an architectural designer, took me to his office and introduced to me his actual work every day. I was immersed by the design drawings showed on his computer, thinking that how the buildings and landscapes were designed. This experience firmed my resolution to become a landscape designer in the future.
With this resolution, I chose to be an art student before the College Entrance Examination. During that time, I left home early every day with a painting kit, sparing no efforts to polish my painting skills. My endeavors paid off, I successfully entered the environmental art program of Wuhan University of Science and Technology. In my college years, I have laid a solid grounding in landscape theory, professional software, as well as fundamental knowledge in sketch, color, perspective, and as such. My meticulousness and
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Design is a very broad concept that requires many professional cross-integration, such as architecture, landscape architecture, structural engineering, etc. With people's increasing demands on landscape and architecture, designers must give full play to their imagination and creativity, tap deep into the context and geographical features, and understand the personality, background and cultural beliefs of the residents, so as to suit our design to local conditions and individuals. That requires designers to have higher professional standards and glorious cultural deposits. Therefore, in order to deepen my professional knowledge, it is necessary for me to pursue advanced studies in graduate

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