Importance Of Indigenous Research Paradigms And Gaining Culturally Sensitive Knowledge For The Purpose Of Social Work

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1) The main topic of the article is the importance of Indigenous research paradigms and gaining culturally sensitive knowledge for the purpose of social work. In order for Indigenous communities to thrive in modern society (instead of being pressured to conform to European standards), it is crucial that people respect their way of looking at the world. From a social work perspective, it is important to understand the culture which one aims to help. Using a European method of healing is not useful in the context of Indigenous social work and by learning about Indigenous worldviews, they can be able to help the Indigenous community.
2) The issue being discussed is that there is a need for Indigenous worldviews to be acknowledged as a valid source of knowledge, so that people can learn to value different cultural perspectives. The things a culture places importance on are different and vary depending on one’s worldview. Often in history and sociology, a Eurocentric view is given and everything is viewed from a European male’s perspective (Hart 2010:4). When perceiving everything from one perspective, it is ignorant and keeps people from learning the true nature of Indigenous culture, from an Indigenous person’s perspective. No worldview should be held as right or wrong, but each should be respected equally if we wish to coexist in a society.
3) The position the author makes is that the advancement of Indigenous research paradigms is crucial to educate others as well as the…

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