Essay On Income Inequality

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Income inequality is the uneven distribution of assets among a population. In India, income inequality has been rapidly increasing over the pass years. Due to the expeditious growth of population, the discipline of the society begins to collapse, resulting in a rise of many inequalities in health, education and gender. In India, the top 1% holds nearly half of the country’s wealth and the rest of India owns only the remaining quarter. This unequal distribution of wealth is caused by the failure of India’s Modi government – a government system created by Narendra Modi– which is the direct link to India’s poverty. Nevertheless, the caste system is also a major cause of the dilemma. The caste system is a system of social stratification used in India. It is a class structure determined by birth and plays an important role when …show more content…
India’s fertility rate has been growing higher in the recent years, with the population of 357 million in 1950, to 1.1 billion today. Experts believes that by 2030 India’s population will grow to be 1.6 billion people, overtaking China’s place as the world’s number one most populous country. This rapid growth of population widens the economic and wealth gap between the poor and the rich. Studies have shown that fertility rate is found higher among lower-income and uneducated rural populations than higher-income populations. The poor tend to have more children because they lack access on how to use contraceptives. Moreover, lower income families often do not have access to good education, so they lack the knowledge of how to prevent pregnancies. As a result, they use much of their limited resources to raise their children, which cause poverty in generations. As a consequence of the ceaseless population growth, only a small amount of the population receives education, while the rest of the population are neglected and become

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