Growth Mindset Research Paper

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Growth Mindset: The Mystery of Success Fixed mindset is negative self-talk, a belief that one will not improve or change. Growth mindset is the belief that improvement and change may occur. The people who have a growth mindset believe that they are not perfect; they made a mistake and they learned from it. I am a person with a growth mindset. I never lose hope, never give up, and I always try to do my best. I believe that one day my hard work will help me to become successful. I grew up in a small country name Bangladesh. We did not have the opportunity to get a good education. In our country the education system was deficient. In spite of that, I tried my best. Our curriculum was in Bengali, which why I did not have the opportunity to learn …show more content…
I came to the U.S.A. in March 2012 as an immigrant. After few months, I had an accident and my right wrist was injured very badly. The doctor told me that my right wrist joint was totally damaged and I could not work properly with my right hand. But I did not lose hope. After a long treatment with physical therapy, and my mental strength helped me to overcome this difficulty. Finally, I was able to work with my right hand. Even so, for last two years I could not hold a pen with my right hand. I believe that a physical disability cannot be a barrier for living a successful and happy life. I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, and a student. I have to deal with lots of challenges in my life, but I can handle them effectively through my positivity. When we moved to this country, my husband become so depressed; we did not have a job, we did not have a car so we could not send our son to school, and even we did not have sufficient money to survive. But I did not lose hope, and I always told my husband that time is the best remedy and everything will be okay. God has planned something better for us. My belief came true and we overcame that situation. Now we have a stable …show more content…
I like the flexibility and positivity of being a mother. I try to become flexible with my kid. Sometimes my 8- years- old son does not want to study regularly, and he wants to spend time with his friends. That is why I try to help him complete his homework early and he can get a day off from study and then play with his friends. Not only that, I always help him to solve problems. Last week my son lost his library book. Instead of becoming angry, I went to the school, talked with the teacher and paid for the book. At the same time, I teach my son to become more responsible and to always tell the truth no matter what happens. I also told him to share his problems with his teachers and with me and his dad, do not hide anything from us and his teacher. Because your parents and teachers are your well-wishers, they will always help you to solve your

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