Importance Of God Gives Meaning To Life

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God Gives Meaning To Life

When I hear the word “religion”, God comes to my mind very quick. Many people find religion very controversial sometimes because they don’t believe in God or don’t want to hear about him. For many people and philosophers God gives no meaning to life and for others God does give meaning. Personally God gives a lot of meaning to my life and helps me with my daily life. For some people God is very important and others know about God but have no interest whatsoever. God gives meaning to life in many ways and for those who do not believe in him there will be a point in their life where they will start to believe and have questions about God.
Leo Tolstoy was someone who did not believe in God, but there was a time in his
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God is happiness. Many people decide to find happiness in things that are not worth it. People strive for happiness in money, or drugs, sure they find happiness for a certain time but then it goes away. There is many rich people in this world and have it all but happiness, they are not satisfied with all they have and the reason is God. If God is not in the life of one’s life then the happiness they have is only for short period of time. But when you have God in your life everything is different, there are things that want to be accomplished and the person has a goal in mind which is to live life as if it was the last day, happy and with God in the heart. When God gives no meaning to someone’s life they live each day like it doesn’t matter with no goal in mind without really caring about what will happen in the future. In my personal view the difference between being secular and not being one is that when someone is secular the person accepts things from this world, for example bad habits, drugs, vandalism, hate, alcohol, and much more. This world does not offer anything good only God does. When the person decides not to be secular then all those horrible things are set apart and one makes wiser decisions and does not accept to do things that are bad for oneself or …show more content…
Now I still go to church with my parents. As I was growing up, going to church to worship God was just part of my daily life and routine of every Friday night and Saturday morning. I never really payed attention to church, I was attending to church because my family went and so did I. It was until I turned 15 years old where I found out that God gave meaning to my life. I learned that he had plans for me and loved me. God gives meaning to my life and is an important part of my daily life. Sometimes is difficult for me to describe how important God is to me. If I don’t go to church on Saturdays to learn more about him I feel like my heart is empty. Gods speaks to through the Bible and tells me what he wants me to do and how he wants me to be. He gives advice of how my life should be. He gives me free will to choose whether to obey him or not. But I also know that if I obey him is because I love him. He tells me to love my enemies and to have patience, to listen before I talk and to treat others as I want to be treated. God tells me what is good for me to eat and what not to eat, how I should dress and how not to dress, how to talk and how not to talk. God tells me every single thing the only thing is that I have to put it into practice. This is how God gives meaning to my life, he directs me through the right path. If I didn’t know God then I don’t know where I’d be. I try to obey him as

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