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Implications for My School The mindset of a school towards special education sets the tone for how special needs students are treated and the quality of an education they receive. A willingness to work with others, the belief that all students deserve the right to a quality education and adequate knowledge about student rights and special education regulations are important in ensuring that special education students are taught in an appropriate manner. It is also important for schools to focus on moving special needs students towards progress and value communication that occurs between the home and school. Schools need to develop a sense of acceptance for all students despite the differences they possess. School officials and teachers need to education students on different disabilities and work to ensure that all students are treated with respect. Relationships between special education and general education students should be encouraged and opportunities should be provided to students for those interactions to take place. Peers of special education students can play a huge part in their education and could teach valuable lessons to all those that are involved. Schools also need to …show more content…
When I am teaching, I must strive to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of my students. I should work with general education teachers to make special education a less resort and provide quality interventions that will help students experience success. I should work with the mindset that teaching will require teamwork and the only way that students will truly be given the help the needed is when teamwork takes place. I should be consistent in following through with accommodations on classroom instruction and during assessments. It is also important that I give students the amount of support they need and never give up until I find ways to reach

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