Education In The United States Essay

Education in the United States Why are students required to memorize the quadratic formula to graduate from high school, but not how to balance a checkbook? In the United States, students are held to a high standard of education. The United States is one of the most well educated countries in the world. Our country and our economy have grown and become exceptionally powerful, because of the focus on education. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge we have the more power we have. To attain and maintain a high standard of excellence we need our citizens to be financially literate, which, begins in schools. Schools in the United States have four mandatory, or core subjects which are math, science, social studies, and language arts. Therefore, …show more content…
These new majors and careers could become a staple of the job market, but some will just fade over time. However, business and finance majors are here to stay. Business professionals are a fundamental asset to our society. Business professionals are needed for a variety of things ranging from bank tellers to economic advisers to the government. To become as efficient and effective with money and finances we need people who are experts on the topic. Students need to be educated in business, because we need business professionals. The business field cannot grow and develop if there are not bright young minds filtering into the job market. If students are stressed the importance and the demand for business professionals then, more students would be inclined to pursue a career in the field. Students need to be taught that we need not only doctors, teachers and police officers but also bank tellers, bank managers, and accountants. Business education in youth is vital in the development and success of our country. Without skilled business professionals and young workers getting into the field our country couldn’t function. Business education is fundamentally important that it needs to be taught beginning at a young

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