Importance Of Culture In International Business

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“Every society has the own cultural themes which have a substantial impacts on that culture does the business”. Culture plays an essential roles in one life, and that impacts almost every aspect of an individual life, who and what we do every day and how we make our decisions. Cultures has two important functions. Its helps people in making decision, how react in certain situations, the way we behave in public or with others and it also give themtheir identity, from where they belongs, the norm and values they follows. It also give people their solididentity of who they are, how they represent themselves in society. Culture also define the language we speak, the food, the religion, and also everyday life we lived.
Culture also had its own
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it is important to know at least major parts of cultures of people whom you are working with, like their, values and belief or the language they speak. You can also observe and learn about the individual cultures by body language if they are comfortable in your culture or the way you are talking with them. It is important to obverselearn and know about other cultural background and also adapt …show more content…
Now countries are promoting the schools and different institution in learning different languages and especially English because it’s the global languid and language is the key of communications. It is also possible for one country to have more than one official languages. Countries also playing asignificant role in promoting cultures, now-a-days different countries are also welcoming different countries cultures, so it is easier for them to do business internationally and have a good relationships with other countries, for e.g. people across the world, in most country speak English so, they can communicate outside their own countries. Opening the franchises and business across the world is also the great example of diversifying the culture globally, it not only improved their economy, but also increase the import and export businesses.Companies who are doing business internationally are developing international skills to do business internationally across the

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