Importance Of Cultural Values In Everyday Life

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How culture is important in our everyday life? Cultural values play an important role to construct a society with people that follow similar values. Activities that groups of people follow in their daily life are result of impacts of practicing culture. People give significance to the culture, as culture expresses itself in the practices of religion, lifestyle, language, clothing, and food. Principles of a culture give people understanding about behaving in a certain manner depending on the situations. The values give people an understating of a culture which influences people’s character. Being able to assimilate into a culture is a crucial part in people’s life. The common belief about culture allows people to come together as a community. …show more content…
Following cultural values affects people’s perspective of viewing the world. The cultural surrounding around people which people perceive develops their personalities and shapes their viewpoint in life. The way people engage with the values creates an impact on people’s behavior. People’s personality changes as the influence under culture develops different perception. Culture allows people to develop an understanding of viewing the world. People adjust themselves to the society by becoming familiar with the beliefs and applying the beliefs in their daily life. Being able to assimilate to a culture gives people benefit of experiencing the culture and applying the values of the culture. Becoming familiar with the culture allows people to become part of the community and practicing the values according to the culture. Culture gives people the understanding of being able to follow and use the values. People gets to know the important aspect of culture and how culture is really essential in people lives to help people live in a cultural society. Culture directs with the ways of relating with the principles that are required in people’s life. Every single individual is somehow affected by culture which shows the importance on culture in people’s life. Culture provides people with knowledge of views about life and guides people to adjust to a group of …show more content…
People in a community share the same aspects of culture by following the heritage. The culture is shared through manners and communication from one person to another person. Ways of living a life is shared by the beliefs and is followed by the people in the culture. People share the values among the community to spread the cultural values. People learn about the culture through the experience in their lives. Culture is learned through experience, it is not passed from parents. People understand what is taught the people and society. Culture is learned by the involvement from surroundings and people in a community. Culture is transferred from the current generation to future generation to pass on the ideas of the culture. Future generation gets to understand the importance of cultural values and apply the ideas to their lives. Newer generation will adapt themselves to the ideals of culture and they will pass on the ideals of culture to their children. Culture is a process of transmitting values from older generation to new generations. In the essay “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I just Met a Girl Named Maria” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Cofer mentions, “As a teenager, I was lectured constantly on how to behave as a proper senorita… the Puerto Rican mothers also encourage their daughters to look and act like women and to dress in clothes our Anglo friends

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