The Law Holds Commonly Held Values Essay

The Law holds commonly held values ‘explain’.

Do they one might ask? It will be discussed throughout this essay how the unwritten constitution, parliament 's supremacy, the separation of powers, the rule of law and the voting process in which a party by majority gets voted in and how the different views of these parties may influence commonly held values. Commonly held values are values in which most of society hold to know the difference between right and wrong and what is reasonable or unreasonable. This is not to say that everyone will abide by such values, but at the very least if deviated from, may inflict guilt upon those who don’t, thus creating an understanding that there are values that people believe in, to maintain a harmonious
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The answer is not a simple one but it certainly can be evaluated through a range of mediums. If one looks at the unique way society is ruled by English law, it will be found that there is what is known as an unwritten constitution which is unlike other democratic countries who have what is known as the bill of rights. English law has instead sources like acts of parliament (legislation) and judicial decisions (common law) which are written separately. There are also conventions which although not written or binding still holds bearing in the sense that, if not followed, it may not be breaking the law but it is seen as simply the right way to behave, social rules if you like. Such examples worth mentioning that coincides with this essay would be judges don’t associate themselves with political parties and the speaker of the house of commons stays impartial which is to allow for a fairer system.

To discuss further, there are three main principles that lay the foundations for the British constitution all of which have great importance on commonly held values; The separation of powers,

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