Freedom Of Speech On Campus Essay

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College and The Freedom of Speech Revolution Is the first amendment actually safe to use at any given time? According to Greg Lukianoff in the essay “Feigning Free Speech on Campus”, students are being restricted from demonstrating personal beliefs on college campuses across the United States by way of “speech codes”, these codes; detract from the unalienable right of freedom of speech. Most affected, are students between the ages of 18 to 25 who are entering college with unrealistic expectations of themselves and the world around them, and by limiting the means by which they express themselves are therefore limiting the education they seek. Given the current geopolitical climate, it is becoming more necessary to use “politically correct” …show more content…
College campuses that have instituted “speech codes” are attempting to limit incivility based on racially insensitive speech and sexual harassment by eliminating language with a negative social bias. However, speech codes confuse students into thinking twice about voicing opinions and repress the art of debate by challenging language instead of ideals. Universities try to “enforce civility” but that often backfires, “suppressing free expression instead of allowing for open debate of controversial issues”. (Lukianoff 775). Students want to be heard. When forced to repress individual opinions and feelings, students are stripped of a constitutional right guaranteed by the founding fathers. “…rules that aim for inclusiveness do more to confuse students that to encourage debate.” (Lukainoff 775). By revoking this right, institutions are inciting revolt in students against officials for their Constitutional right, while others just sit back and completely disengage with current events including elections. According to a study of 392 campuses the Foundation for Individual Right in Education, found “that 65 percent of the colleges had policies that in our view violated the Constitution’s guarantee of the right to free speech”. ( Lukianof 775). Hate speech is

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