Participation Grade Analysis

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Participation Grade: I think my participation grade for Unit 1 out of 20 possible points should be 14/20.
I believe I deserve this grade because during class I engage in class discussion and I put forth my opinion. I would like to say more in class discussions, but sometimes people can be overbearing and have to talk all the time and don’t give other people an opportunity to talk and voice their opinion. When we have group discussions at the tables I engage people by starting the conversation about what we are talking about and taking the initiative and be the one to type or to write thing down when needed. So, therefore because of the lack of my participation in the class discussion I believe that I should receive a 14/20.

Process Grade:
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He provides and example of a 66 year old Canadian psychotherapist that was denied entrance to the U.S because border control officials searched his name and found information about how he did research on L.S.D. He also inserts information about how in a survey by Microsoft they found that “ 75 percent of U.S. recruiters and human-resource professionals report that their companies require them to do online research about candidates, and many use a range of sites when scrutinizing applicants — including search engines, social-networking sites, photo- and video-sharing sites, personal Websites and blogs, Twitter and online-gaming …show more content…
We searched our names coming to find things from years ago still connected to us and things that we thought no one could see that was associated with us. We also got an insight into what an employer might find when they searched our names. Rosen’s article makes key points of how people have posted things on there Facebook, twitter, etc., and have lost jobs because they have posted things that they are doing in there personal lives. Then Rosen talks about how the things we post and the things other people post about us will forever be connected to us and how we have no control over what people find about us on the internet because there is no such thing as having privacy on the internet. Rosen making the point that there’s no such thing as privacy, connects to Core Assignment 2 and the class discussion of the article on Wallen’s article which was creating a completely different person online and still not being able to have privacy. During the conclusions of Core Assignment 2, the class discussions and Wallen and Rosen’s article they come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as privacy over the internet and there is nothing we can do about it because if we put information about ourselves or other put information about us on the internet as soon as it is uploaded, it is there forever. Some people during their conclusions on there finding when they searched their names found

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