Importance Of Being An Entrepreneurship

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Being granted the luxury of having any career of my choice is a very promising position for any individual to be in. Making the decision of what career would be the best fit for me is the difficult part, but being self-employed is something that has always been in my future plans. Becoming an entrepreneur allows for more quality time with loved ones and friends. Embracing the challenge and long hours, being an entrepreneur would best suit me. Since I have a strong passion for establishing a business, I want to work on my own time frame, and I look to the opportunity to grow as a person after facing many grueling situations; becoming and entrepreneur is the career I would excel in.
Since a young boy, I have had the dream of owning my own company
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With the good work ethics I possess, there would be plenty of free time on my hands to make my company even better by the day. Having the ability to get all of my work done in the matter of a day or so, and then being able to spend the rest of my week of my choosing is something I would most definitely be looking forward to. Retaining total control over my own destiny and free of restrictions makes entrepreneur such a great ideal fit for me. I know it takes time for a business to reach the peak of success, but I’m willing to put in the extra time to have a very promising future for myself and my family to …show more content…
With all the stress and frustration that is associated with this career, it gives me as an individual the freedom of guiding my business according to my liking or specific tradition. I know there will be times when I fail, maybe even want to give up; but I refuse to let grueling circumstances detour me from my natural born passion for owning my own business. I honestly believe the unsteady slope of failing at some point and then experiencing a taste of success could help me grow as an individual. These miniature trials to creating a business could teach me the principles of how easy it is to fall off the wagon and lose it all just when you thought you had everything all figured out. The lessons I learn along the journey of creating my successful establishment will follow me for the rest of my life. With entrepreneurship being highly associated with risk and challenges, being granted the reward of business ownership makes the hardship worthwhile. No matter how successful I become I understand I will never be too rich to ever experience going broke

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