Importance Of Behavioral Assessment

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Functional Behavioral Assessment is considered to be a problem solving process for addressing student behavior. Why does your child act a certain way? Why is this problem occurring are some of the questions being asked during the Functional Behavioral Assessment. It is especially useful with students from cultural diverse backgrounds and experiences . Functional behavior assessment measures and evaluates student performance in real-life, natural settings for the purpose of identifying proficiency in performing practical applied skills. (Venn, 277).
Functional Behavioral assessment incorporates different techniques and strategies in order to identify interventions to address problem behaviors. When incorporating this assessment into the process
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Before using the assessment, the behavior or learning disabilities have to be identified by the assessment team. It is also important to identify the behavior prior to conducting the functional behavioral assessment. The need to find out not only how the student is mishaving but why the student is misbehaving. You can’t just say the student is being aggressive, that is to vague. The behavior needs to be specific, observable and measurable for example the student screams, cries and throws items when upset. The assessment team can vary from school to school. It typically includes people with training in specialized areas such as a school psychologist. They will interview people who know and work with the child such as a parent and teacher. Observing the student in different settings may be necessary when defining the …show more content…
Once the team has reasons behind why the child has that type of behavior that will work together to create a behavior intervention plan, which is part of the student’s IEP. BIP is a written list of strategies that encourages appropriate behavior and discourages inappropriate behavior. This plan is designed to teach positive behavior. Some examples of the plan can be to change the physical environment. Another can be change the way the student is being taught. For instance the student may learn well when using technology so incorporate more technology into lesson plans. A student may be lacking certain academic skills in the classroom and cannot perform like his or her classmates or they may not like a subject and lack motivation. The plan must include set goals and objectives, describe the direct intervention and list replacement behaviors and how they will be taught to the student. The team needs to determine why the student is showing this behavior. Are they seeking attention or avoiding something? A set of strategies should be written for each behavior. Each school system has their own standards and forms for creating the BIP. Check with your school system to see what format they

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