The Argument Essay: The Importance Of Baptism

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Haven’t we all wondered why it’s so important to be baptised? We often have, the process as baptism is seen to be a process involved in us finding salvation. As I spoke to one of the theology students they each had they personal belief in baptism and why they think people should get baptised. I often was surprised on what some of them said. Some people were so happy to speak about it and others filled with strong serious emotion on this matter. The importance of baptism is often overlooked but through going through my own personal research I have found the correct need to why baptism is essential in our everyday lives. Baptism affects us all spiritually and emotionally. It’s a sense of an attachment of being closer to God. Baptism especially Christian baptism is an essential thing from the times of the great Roman Empire if you ever believed in god and Jesus Christ as your saviour it was important for the force of baptism that reignited your relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Christian baptism was the one of first things to clarify purity and cleansed before Jesus was ascended in making all his disciples of all the nations and baptising them in the holy trinity known as the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, and teach them to obey everything he has commanded for us then surely he will always be with you, to the very
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When we look into baptism we all have look athe history behind it. Due to the time of Roman Empire it was a bad thing to believe in Jesus Christ which led to his crucification that led to the sacrament we know today and the importance e of this. Christians should be baptized. It's not something we do in order to be saved, but it's something we do because we are saved. We can't earn salvation if we don’t acknowledge Jesus Christ as our saviour and most importantly we must be baptised in the name of Jesus

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