Importance Of Arts On Education : How It Has Shaped Your Life?

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Importance of Arts in Education When you think about the things that have shaped your life, an obvious choice for most would be high school. It is where you finally start to grow up and experience things in more of an adult perspective; this includes relationships, responsibilities, decision making, having a job, learning finances, etc. In high school, your parent, family, teachers, and elders close to you begin to start putting more pressure on you yet loosen the reins. By this I mean, parents start extending curfew, teachers stop nagging you about missing work, and you have many more freedoms, but you are still expected to achieve the same results. What they are trying to do is get you ready to be able to start making your own choices, and still be successful with the things you do. The older you get, the fewer things you have to be told what to do; by your teen years you have to just know what is expected of you and act upon that. This is one of the reasons this is such a huge part of your life, and why it changes you so much. This part of your life is extremely crucial, because if you can 't learn how to balance fun with work and school, you could potentially be in a lot of trouble throughout life. Everyone is shaped by different things; some are shaped a lot by things other than just our regular education, like arts. The arts in education are being question as to whether or not they are necessary, but the arts in our school help shape those in ways from…

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