Protein Intake Better Lab Report

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- To understand protein intake better.
- To understand how consuming too much or too little of certain food specifically protein can be unhealthy and do harm to our body over time. - To determine what foods are providing the right type of proteins INTRODUCTION The human body has thousands of different proteins all of which are necessary for staying alive and healthy. Protein is a very important substance that is needed by humans for protein is not just a structural material, such as fats and carbohydrates. Protein is a group of complex organic macromolecules of which contained hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus and sulphur, and is composed of one or more chains of amino acids. There are 8 essential amino acids
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Animal protein provides all the essential protein that are needed for the body in the right ratio. This makes sense since animal tissue is same to our own tissue.

B) Stages of metabolism if high content of proteins are found in body

Metabolism is the chemical reaction in the body cell’s that convert fuel from food into energy needed to do everything. Metabolism consists of anabolism, the constructive phase and catabolism, the destructive phase where complex materials are broken down. Specific proteins control the chemical reactions of metabolism and each of this chemical reaction is coordinated with other body function. In fact, thousands of metabolic reactions happen at the same time to keep our cells healthy. Digestion of protein breaks it into amino acids. If amino acids are excess of body’s requirement, it will metabolize to glycogen or fat and subsequently used for energy metabolism. If amino acids are to be used for energy their carbon skeletons are converted to acetyl CoA, which enters the Krebs cycle producing ATP. Plenty of acetyl-CoA produced but not used in the energy cycle will lead to acetyl-CoA converted to ketone bodies and lead to ketosis and

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